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Church Inspections

Our previous church inspection (SIAMS) in 2015 judged the school to be outstanding. You can view the report above.

Areas that it highlighted for us to work on included:

  • Improve opportunities for governors to be more formally involved in the monitoring and evaluation of religious education and collective worship and their impact on the Christian distinctiveness of the school.
  • Improve the effectiveness of assessment in RE by ensuring that good practice is shared across the whole school to provide greater continuity of approach.
  • Improve the impact of collective worship by involving children to a greater extent in leading the direction in which worship themes are explored.
  • As a result, we have formed a Christian Distinctiveness and Ethos committee for governors, introduced Understanding Christianity as a scheme of work and regularly assess R.E. We also have a worship council that help us to evaluate and lead the direction of our collective worship.

As a school, we regularly evaluate our provision for children’s education and learning. Our most recent self-evaluation for this available here.

Recently we have been looking at the issue of mental health and how we can be courageous advocates to support others who are suffering.

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