St Peter's C of E Academy

Word Book Day

This year we are going all out and having a book week! 

We have themed this week around our favourite animal characters who we will dress up as to raise money for the school. We have also organised a family book quiz for everyone to get involved in. 

During Book Week, our KS1 children have been invited to come back into school and enjoy a bedtime story in their PJ's with their favourite teddy. Alongside this our KS2 students will be partaking in a Word Rally where they have the opportunity to expand their vocabulary via fun games!

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We love reading at St Peter's and we hope you enjoy hearing these books from the class teachers and other adults.

Capt. Tom 100 Steps read by Mr Nunn. (KS2)

Six Dinner Sid read by Carolyn Stell (KS1)

Oi Frog! read by Mrs Wallis (All)

The Dinosaur that pooped a planet ready by Mrs I'Anson (KS2)

The Gruffalo read by Mr Everett (KS1)

The Sand Horse read by Mrs Scott (KS1)

When Brer Rabbit Melted read by Mrs Merriman (All)

I can do hard things read by Mrs Forde (all)

Funnybones the Black Cat read by Carolyn Stell (KS1)

Oi Goat! read by Mrs Wallis (All)

The Ghost of Thomas Kempe read by Carolyn Stell (KS2)

The Night Pirate read by Mrs White KS1)

What Ever Next read by Mrs Templeton (KS1).

Mog and Bunny read by Ms Tingle FS and KS1